Meet Emily

Hey there! I’m Emily, and welcome to my site; thank you for taking a moment to delve deeper and discover more about my story. 

Growing up in the Northern Rivers of NSW, I have always been drawn to landscapes and the beauty of natural environments. I have always been inspired by beautiful beaches, lush foliage, and the infinite kaleidoscope of colours found in the natural world. 

I have always enjoyed painting and creating art for spaces. I spent much of my childhood filling our family home with various art projects and designs inspired by the great outdoors. 

Even though I have now moved to Melbourne, the natural world still calls to me. Whenever I can, I go for a walk by the bay or find some way to be immersed in nature. I am passionate about houses and design, from renovating a property with character to dreaming up a modern build.

Art is another way to complete the space and add the final touch. There’s something magical about seeing the whole vision come to life. I want to capture and create a moment people will love and enjoy as much as I have enjoyed making it. 

Emily x

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